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Mr. Maqbool (Max) Babri

Maqbool Babri (Max)

Born; August 14, 1951 Citizenship; Pakistan

  • PGD in Business, Lulea University, Sweden
  • PGD in Psychology, University of Stockholm
  • PGD Information Techniques, University of Umea Sweden
  • Diploma Working Conditions, Sweden
  • MS. Psychology, Punjab University
  • Certified Psychotherapist
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHE) USA
  • Certificated Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 and BS 5750 Systems
  • Certificate in Environmental Management System ISO 14001:96
  • International Affiliate American Psychological Association


Maqbool A. Babri, popularly known as Max Babri, specializes in Institutional Development through Participatory Decision-Making, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Leadership and Individual Empowerment. His expertise is frequently sought by major multinational businesses as well as by United Nations Agencies, GTZ and World Bank projects.

His publications in the field of Employment Generation through “Small and

Micro Enterprise Development” and “Supervisory Training for Enhanced Productivity” are frequently quoted by International Development Agencies. He is one of the very few trained and certified Moderators and facilitators in Pakistan authorized to conduct and moderate “Goal Oriented Planning Exercises”. Mr. Babri has organized and conducted over 100 workshops and training sessions mostly aimed Vision and Mission Development, Organizational Development, Team Building, Leadership, Empowerment and Management.

He has designed and taught many courses including Governance, Policy, Management and Media Techniques at the University of Lulea, Sweden during 1982-85.

He has excellent command over Scandinavian languages especially Swedish and Norwegian. He has many national and international publications to his credit.

He is a visiting Professor at the Punjab University teaching Group Psychotherapy to the students of “Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology”.

Presently Mr. Babri is teaching a course on “Change Management” as part of the M. Sc program in Human Resources offered by Department of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab. Mr. Babri is currently developing a course on “Education and Diversity” for MS in Education offered by Beaconhouse National University.

Mr. Babri is a practicing Psychotherapist and a certified clinical Hypnotherapist.

As a visiting professor he has taught at LUMS, Interpersonal Skills during 1987- to present and Psychology during 1995-96 sessions.

Many multinational Institutions regularly seek Mr. Babri’s expertise for selection of personnel and identification of training requirements. He is sought by these organizations to organize and conduct Planning Workshops, Thematic Seminars, Team Building, Grievances Handling, Leadership Exercises, Customer Service Delivery training and for Development of Mission and Quality Statements.