Nov 03

Awakening to Life

Problems of modern man are complex and intense. We tend to over look the real causes while attempting to solve them. To address the problem, we need to fully understand human nature.

We are not merely physical being. We have many levels of existence. Material self is just the apparent body and serves only as a carrier. Whereas other levels include mind, heart, soul, and spirit. In order to lead a happy and satisfied life all these levels must be in harmony and supporting each other.

Our daily routine and pursuits in everyday life lead to unhealthy habits which result in poor physical health, negative thoughts, emotional imbalance and resultantly lack of mental peace.

Inner peace requires reprogramming our thoughts, redesigning our habits and awakening to new realities. Once we overlook non physical self, we are not awake rather dead in the real sense despite of being biologically alive.

Becoming Alive is a six days program which will help you in realizing different levels of your existence. It incorporates exercises and techniques to identify imbalances at various levels and ways to patch them. If you are brave enough to see yourself from entirely new perspective, then it is the right choice for you.

awakening to life

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